Monday, May 11, 2009

What a great Mother's Day ; )

This year for Mother's Day, my "present" was a trip to Gatlinburg. Yes, it was the only weekend we had free, but I chose where we were going and what we did. I was thinking about the beach, but was afraid of rain. (It turned out to be beautiful, oh well.) The day started with us visiting "Flapjacks," which was so yummy! The older girls made me "perfume" and a book. I received handmade cards from everybody, and my husband gave me a card he made on his computer. (These are my favorite.) I also received a lovely black and pink polka dotted carry on-type bag.

One of the best parts of the day occurred once we returned home. I absolutely love the Duggars and their show, "18 Kids and Counting," so a few weeks ago I sent off several products to them. When I checked our mail box, I discovered a thank you card from Michelle Duggar...I was so excited! To receive a card from such an amazing mother on Mother's Day just topped off the day perfectly!

Later on I have to take my 3-year-old to her 3 year check-up. I hope she behaves. : )

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  1. Nicole,
    I DID notice that you weren't posting! I'm glad you found something that will work for you! Hope things are going well. I've tried to e-mail you with a few more homeschooling questions, but they keep getting kicked back to me:( I have new e-mail and blog addresses: and my blog is: Hope to hear from you soon!
    Sincerely, Nicole Bourgeois
    Zimmerman, MN