Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tybee Island Vacation

Our vacation last week at Tybee Island, GA was wonderful! Our condo was TINY, but it was right on the beach, so the kids had a great time. We even saw Miss Miley Cyrus who is filming her new movie, "The Last Song" on the island this summer! (My seven year old was so close that she almost could touch her if she had tried.) I've got pictures of her, the movie set, as well as shots of my daughter's meet (she did great!!) that I will post at a later time. Today I wanted to share some BEACH PICTURES. : )
Beach time was so much fun! Tons of crabs though, we even had a few hitchhikers to our room. (Ugh.) One morning shrimp were jumping all over the sand that were left from the high tide. The tides there were crazy. Something was going on astronomically this week, and every night high tide would peak above 10 feet and the highway connecting Savannah with Tybee would flood. We had to stay on top of high tide since it changed every day, and we almost didn't make it back the night of my daughter's meet. Dolphins would swim right outside of our condo every day. (REALLY close to shore!) Shrimp boats were constantly going by our condo and these attracted them. We were also near the mouth of the Savannah River, so we saw HUGE cargo ships coming to and leaving port every day.

A family from our gym stayed at our condo as well, and the kids had a BLAST playing with them every day!

This was the first night at the beach, only steps away from our condo.

Getting some SUN! Silly me, I missed the backs of my legs with our spray on sunscreen and I was hurting the next morning.

We climbed to the top of the Tybee Island Lighthouse, which was beautiful! It is the oldest and tallest lighthouse in Georgia. We also toured the lightkeepers home, which dated back a few hundered years.

Looking down!

This is at the public beach our last night there. The surf was very different...we saw wind surfers which was neat to watch. A few couple got stuck on a sand bar when the tide went up...they finally just jumped in and swam to shore, it was crazy to watch because the currents were so strong they ended up pretty far down the beach.

Daddy and daugher. This is also one of the locations the movie was filmed at. At first they set up a carnival, and then they filmed at a home for a few days. That last night the crews were setting up a new set on the beach. We also went to a Wildlife Center which was enjoyable and a Dolphin Cruise. We ate tons of boiled seafood, and I'm so sick of it now! I guess the "Low Country Boil" is the popular dish around those parts. We went to the Crab Shack one night were we got to feed alligators. We also went to Uncle Bubba's, who is a relative of Paula Dean's. We didn't go to her restruarant in Savannah, but Uncle Bubba's was great! I will post more on our trip and pictures later!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Go Team Georgia!

This morning was spent away from home and we were so busy. First I took my oldest daughter to get her fingers x-rayed (they are looking good.) I then went to gymnastics, then to Wal-Mart to pick up some tulle I left at check out, then back to gymnastics, then to Hobby Lobby, and then home. I am so incredibly tired! The girls had a picture day for their Nationals. It says "Georgia" on the back of their leotards, but you can't really make it out. I also made their ponytail holders out of tulle and ribbon, and received 2 orders for other teammates this morning. : )

When we returned home I finished this custom order tutu dress. It is for a little girl's 4th birthday pictures, and I think it turned out so well! I also made a matching headband to go with it. I now need to get to the orders I received today...I also want to make matching tutus for my three girls for BEACH pictures this week!

Yes, we are going to the beach in 2 days and I am so excited! We went to the library a few days ago and I picked up several non-fiction books pertaining to the ocean, sea life, etc. to read to the kids. We discussed crustacians and ducks a few days ago along with Georgia's barrier islands. Today we are going to talk about some of the history of Tybee Island. : )

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sweetwater Creek Summer Festival

My booth set up again!

We spent last weekend at a Craft Fair fairly close to home. The turnout was AWFUL and I was so disappointed! It is difficult to spend so much time creating things, setting up, and sitting at a craft fair all weekend to get poor results. I almost made double my booth fee back, but it just wasn't worth it to me. The kids had a great time because their was a jump castle really close to us that was free so they played in there as much as they wanted. My booth also backed up to a lake, so the kids enjoyed that too. I got a bit of a tan as well. ; ) I did hand out tons of business cards, and all comments were really positive. I made a bunch of clippies on Saturday night to hand out as a freebie on Sunday, and everybody really liked them. Most all of the little girls put them on immediately...it was cute to see all the little girls walking around with the same clippie on. : ) My next fair will hopefully be on the Fourth of July. I have to complete a custom tutu dress before we leave for vaca this weekend! I have been getting a lot of orders for these lately, and I love making them.

The kids and I by the lake.

Getting their feet wet and riding a pony. : )

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Lately my life is either super busy or slow, and this week has been crazy! We went to the Woodstock Market and Show this weekend, and boy, was it long! All day Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Sales were good on Friday, and surprisingly they slacked off on Saturday and remained the same on Sunday. I met a few really nice ladies in the booth next to mine who were selling Usborne books (which I use through Sonlight) who homeschool! We had a few enjoyable conversations which was nice. A lady there was selling the most beautiful pillowcase dresses/matching doll dresses. My older girls couldn't resist and each purchased one.

The older girls are in swim lessons last week and this week. Yesterday we made a trip to the emergency room because my oldest fractured two of her fingers at gymnastics. : ( This means no more swim lessons and unfortunately, no gymnastics Nationals. We are heading there in 2 weeks, and they are taking place in Savannah. Her coach hopes that she will be able to compete beam, but we aren't sure. I am taking her to an orthopedic at 2 pm today, so we will see what their opinion is.

I will hopefully be able to clean and reorganize our school/play room this week (which is really our dining room). It is such a disaster, and I want it to be really nice for when we start back in August. I just finished three special orders from this weekend yesterday, and it looks like I might be receiving another custom order for a tutu dress, which I love.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Camera Troubles

I am the worst with cameras! My husband gave me one about 4 years ago and it was unusable within about a year. I received another one that lasted a few months. I then "borrowed" my daughter's, and now it won't work! (And digital cameras are not cheap.) So now I have to purchase a new one for myself, and for my daughter. I don't know what my problem is! I do drop them from time to time, but geez! I wasn't able to get any good pictures of my daughter's dance recital this weekend which bummed me out. And I need a camera to take product pictures for my web site. What to do. : )