Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sweetwater Creek Summer Festival

My booth set up again!

We spent last weekend at a Craft Fair fairly close to home. The turnout was AWFUL and I was so disappointed! It is difficult to spend so much time creating things, setting up, and sitting at a craft fair all weekend to get poor results. I almost made double my booth fee back, but it just wasn't worth it to me. The kids had a great time because their was a jump castle really close to us that was free so they played in there as much as they wanted. My booth also backed up to a lake, so the kids enjoyed that too. I got a bit of a tan as well. ; ) I did hand out tons of business cards, and all comments were really positive. I made a bunch of clippies on Saturday night to hand out as a freebie on Sunday, and everybody really liked them. Most all of the little girls put them on was cute to see all the little girls walking around with the same clippie on. : ) My next fair will hopefully be on the Fourth of July. I have to complete a custom tutu dress before we leave for vaca this weekend! I have been getting a lot of orders for these lately, and I love making them.

The kids and I by the lake.

Getting their feet wet and riding a pony. : )

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