Thursday, December 22, 2011

Jesus is the Reason for the Season

Well, I've been gone for awhile...

Life, as always, has been busy.  I've been working, working, working, acting as a chauffeur, and school teacher.  There have been times where I know that I must stop and take a breath...I discovered this over the summer and relearning the same concept now.  I am amazed everyday by the gifts that God has granted me, and I do not want to hurry through life, and one day, wonder where it all has gone.  This Christmas season I've been reflecting big time on my life and things that I might want to change, and the things that are good. 

We decided to let our 5 year old in on the "Santa" secret this year.  We also most likely will not begin the tradition with our youngest, and any other children that the Lord might choose to bless us with.  I felt such a burden in my heart about this, and I needed to come clean.  Somehow, I always felt like I was lying to my child? (Which I was, by the way.)  I also wanted the focus of Christmas to be solely on Jesus!  So many times, the "gimmes" get in the way.  We are focusing on giving this year. : )  My oldest daughter raised $105 to give to World Vision, and she made each gift in a different family member's name.  Talk about a proud mama!  I also began a children's clothing and hair bow ministry site at in August.  I am giving away a item each day from December 1-24th online.  We supplied the girls with hundreds of candy canes to give away during gymnastics during the month of December.  I hope that my children will remember these few lessons, and will always remember that giving is better than receiving.

We are now gearing up for the weekend of Christmas, and I am starting to become anxious!  I need to remember to breathe, and reflect on Jesus' birth each and every hour and day.  I am a very shy person by nature, and attending family gatherings in which I really do not know anyone is not my favorite thing to do lol.  But, if it is best for my children and husband, that is what I will do with a cheerful heart (hopefully ; ).)  I am really trying to die to myself daily, and better become the person, wife and mother that Christ would have me to be.  That involves a whole lot of letting go on my part.  But, His plan for my life is much better than my plans could ever be! We also plan on attending Christmas Eve Services at First Baptist Church Atlanta on Saturday morning. We have attended this church sporadically since we saw the Duggar Family there in July.  I would love to find a true church home, we have been without one for some time.  We really aren't sure where to begin looking really, but this is something that we are striving for.  Over the summer we searched for a Family Integrated Church, and came up empty handed.  I know that God has the perfect place in mind for us, we just need to find it.

Merry Christmas to all!