Thursday, May 14, 2009

Let's Play Craft Fair!

Ok, when I'm getting ready to go to a craft fair, my house is a disaster area. (Thanks to my husband and kids for putting up with me!!) This is ONE of my tables that I have set up in the living room for preparations. The girls decided that they wanted to "play" craft fair yesterday, and I think they did a good job with their booths! ; )

My oldest used a tablecloth and notice the bags behind her to be used when someone purchased an item.

My middle daughter chose to display purses at her booth.

My youngest daughter was quite happy with her booth set-up, and loved the dress she had purchased earlier.

Winder Craft Fair is 2 days and counting. I HOPE I am ready! (Well, I'll be ready, I'm just not sure that I will have everything that I "think" needs to be done accomplished!)

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