Monday, May 18, 2009


The craft fair this weekend was a total bummer. : ( The rain held off until around 1:00 thankfully, but when it came it poured. We were really quick and saved all of my products before they became wet, but all the vendors left at that point. Not like there were any customers beforehand lol. I saw maybe 20 people meandering around, most of which were church members who just socialized. I sold a grand total of 2 tutus to other vendors. I was really disappointed, but this whole thing is a learning experience for me, so I guess I'll live and learn. I sold about 40 things at the last craft fair, so I thought I would do better than I did.
My mother DID sell $7 worth of clippies at her church yesterday, and they are interested in my bag tags for a nursery system, so that brightened my weekend a little. And I'm counting internet sales from Friday into my weekend total to boost my spirits. : D I will post pictures of my booth later. : )

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