Friday, May 15, 2009

In Desperate Need of *White* Canopy Walls

Tomorrow has a stinky weather forecast, and it is craft fair day. : ( This is my husband's day off, so we have been searching far and wide for canopy sides to go on my canopy which is white. We have found tan and blue, but no white. I am praying very hard for a nice day (because who is going to walk around a craft fair in the rain, right?) The reason that we need the canopy walls is to protect my products from water damage if a storm pops up.
Right now my lovely husband is vacuuming out the van so we can load all of my stuff inside. I'm excited because at this craft fair I will be able to accept credit cards, which I hope will boost sales (if it doesn't rain!!!)
My 7-year-old will be accompanying us, along with my mother and husband. The other kids have opted to stay home. (Can't blame them. : )) There will be a petting zoo as well, so hopefully my daughter will have a good time.

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