Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sonlight Catalog Day

Yesterday I FINALLY received my Sonlight Catalog in the mail. I really love this curriculum, although I don't use it for everything. This year I am utilizing Sonlight readers, read-alouds, science, social studies, and math. I love the program, but for next year I think I'm going to only use their math, readers, and possibly read-alouds and social studies (with the social studies being supplimental.) The content is so rich, but I want a program where I can "test" the children in content more easily. When my oldest daughter took her 3rd grade standardized test I was a little nervous, because we have been studying world history this year, and she was being tested on American history. She ended up doing really well, which I guess shows she IS learning and retaining things that I haven't gone over time and again, but I want to make sure I'm covering the basics more thoroughly, kwim?
I was so excited, while looking through it yesterday. It takes me months to read because I like to read every little testimonial that they list. Although we have basically finished school for the year, today I'm going to pick up with a few science experiments we missed due to lack of time. The kids don't know about this yet, and it should be fun.

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