Thursday, August 12, 2010

Rush, rush, rush...

Our family is basically on the go 24-7.  My husband tells me not to complain because I bring it on myself which is true lol.  I really want my kids to have the best opportunities that I can give them.  I finally figured out all of the extracurriculars, and although we will be gone basically every evening for several hours, everything was going to work out.  I found out today that my youngest daughter's gymnastics class time is going to change, and now it will conflict with my son's soccer practices once they begin in September.  Sigh.

We are basically schooling all day long now.  My two oldest daughters are completing the bulk of their work on the computer with Alpha Omega's Switched On Schoolhouse.  They are sharing a computer, so one girl takes the morning, and the other takes the afternoon.  I am supplimenting with a mix of Sonlight Core 1, 2 and 3+4 for all of the children.  My son is utilizing Horizons Math, Abeka LA and Handwriting this year.  My youngest daughter is using Horizon's PreK program this year and loves it!  I really like it as well!  A week ago I was considering Friday homeschool enrichment classes but I'm not sure if I will be able to fit it in.  Being at the gym so many hours is really hard.  Homeschooling is so worth it though!  I love to see the spark in the kid's eyes when they learn something new.  And I couldn't even imagine handing someone else the priveledge of educating my children.  I am so very blessed to have my wonderful family!

I posted two links to articles yesterday which I thought were pretty cool. : )  If you have a moment, please take a look.  Children are such a blessing, and it is so sad that they are considered a burden to so many people these days.  Being a mom (period) is hard work, but is also the most rewarding job out there! 

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