Monday, August 2, 2010

Our 1st (and possibly last) Yard Sale

The leftovers...

This past Saturday our neighborhood had a community yard sale. Of course with my schedule last week, I was scrambling to get ready at the last minute. I sorted through clothes for hours on Friday evening, and I was able to fill up two large racks. I priced one rack as $1 per piece and the other rack (which contained brand new items with tags) for $2-$4. We were outside at around 6 am on Saturday getting everything ready. The shoppers showed up at 8:00 exactly and we pretty well. All in all, we made right at $200, we sold a bed, a crib, a portable crib, bumbo seat, a few toys, and probably 75 or so pieces of clothing.

The problem that I had was the bargaining! I priced everything really well to begin with, so to have people try to bargain really bothered me. I know, I know, that is what people do at yard sales but it drove me nuts! One lady wanted to purchase $9 worth of clothing for $0.25...we ended up selling it to her for $8.00. Other people would grumble and fuss while purchasing, and my husband was like, "do you want it, or not?" I purchased 3 zebra pettiskirts for my girls to wear to the beach and they didn't come in on time so I was trying to sell them for cost. I cannot tell you how many people tried to talk me down on those...I ended up selling one of the three for my asking price. After being asked about the pettiskirts for the umpteenth time, I said, "I'm selling them for that price, and I will just sell them online if they don't sell today." Oops, the other people browsing our sale left, and my husband said it came across rudely lol. I just couldn't understand the problem with the cost of clothing especially, I only sold good items with no stains, holes, etc., and if I sold them at a consignment store they would be over double the price that I listed them at.

After our loooong morning, my husband, our baby and myself went out on our weekly Saturday night date. Wherever mommy goes, baby goes. We ate at Provinos (so yummy), went to Lifeway and the School Box. I love my husband so much, he's usually like, "whatever you want to do." I picked up the older girls handwriting curriculum, a new homeschooling book, a novel, a lesson planner and a new calender set for our 4 year old. I am so thankful that it is finally a new week, last week was so incredibly hard! This week I will be working like mad to catch up on tutu orders, but at least I will be home! : )

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