Friday, August 6, 2010

Are Girls Supposed to Act This Way?

Here she is, planning her escape lol!

Our 4 year old had her 1st Fall Gymnastics class yesterday. She was asked to join the advanced preschool class last spring, and we were really excited about it. During the summer the advanced classes didn't run, and I enrolled her in a normal class. She also participated in a week of gymnastics camp last week. Well, we go to her 1st class yesterday, and discover that she is the only child enrolled for this month. I really didn't mind, I thought, great, it will be like private lessons for much less cost. I do like her to socialize with other children, but most likely other kids will join in soon, and she will begin dance classes next week as well.

At first she seemed to be listening to the teacher's instructions fairly well...and then it went downhill from there. The teacher was like, "What would you like to do next?" because she was the only student there. She recognized her freedom, and began to goof off. She slide backwards down the slide about 4 times. She hid underneath a pile of mats in the corner 3 times. She flopped around like a fish when asked to do anything. I have never been so embarrased! The teacher said that it was fine, and that she would behave better once other kids were in the class. But OMGoodness, she sure does keep me on my toes. My other 2 daughters were so well behaved at this age...our 4 year old has been a fireball since birth however.
She was so excited about this class, she insisted on putting on her leo at the beginning of the day, and asked me ALL DAY long when it was time for gymnatics. She promised me sweetly that she will behave next week, and we will see... : ).

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