Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Times Two!

As is our family tradition, we go to Build A Bear as part of our birthday celebrations. We had not one, but two birthdays in July, and we finally made it to the mall today.

Let the stuffing begin!

So many choices...

Bath time!

Presenting our newest bears, Joe and Mackenzie! Granted, these bears will be forgotten in no time at all, but I'm all about the memories for both our children and us. I hope that they will look back on this fondly. BABW was also running a special...$30 for a bear, outfit and shoes!

Our oldest daughter opted to not make a bear this year for her 10th birthday. (So sad! lol) Instead we took her out to dinner and double pierced her ears. It was on my 10th birthday that I was allowed to do this, so I carried this over to my daughter.

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