Monday, August 9, 2010

Consignment Sales

Some of the goodies I picked up. : )

This past year I have began to shop at Consignment Sales and resale shops. I used to be "scared" of these places...silly I know, I was ignorant I guess lol. I assumed everything would LOOK really used and gross, and that's not what I wanted for myself of my kids right? Well, I went into a Kid to Kid store a year ago and I realized that I could be getting some really great deals, on NICE things...whoo hoo! I try to go to consignment stores a few times a year now at least.

I went to a huge consignment sale this spring and was so disappointed. Everything was, well, not too nice. The clothing had stains, holes, etc., which was not supposed to be allowed. I went to the same sale (fall) this weekend, and got some great things! We left with an exersaucer, lots of clothing, books and a crib toy for under $70. : ) We then went to a really nice antique store and a craft show. This is a craft show that runs monthly, that I actually participated in last year. I only made $250 for the whole weekend, so needless to say I didn't return. I felt so badly for the vendors there this past was SO hot, and nobody was there. We couldn't take the heat so left as soon as we arrived basically. I love the fact that my husband only works 4 days a week...he is such a good sport even though it wasn't his idea of a fun Friday.

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