Thursday, August 5, 2010

Homeschool Days

This morning I've been chained to the computer...ugh! I've paid about 4 bills, purchased boxes, set up payment for my older girl's first meet this season, sent invoices for a facebook sale I just ran, etc. I also began looking briefly for local homeschool days! I really want our family to connect with more homeschoolers this year. Some of my findings:

Stone Mountain Park, Friday, October 1 from 10-5, $17 admission to all of the attractions

Sun Valley Beach, August 5 and 6, $8.00 (This is today and tomorrow! We will probably miss this one.)

TN Aquarium, Monday, September 27, $5 behind the scenes tours!

Atlanta Braves HS Day, August 19th

Zoo Atlanta, August 18th

It stinks that all of these days are so close together at the beginning of the school year. We will probably go to the Zoo Atlanta and TN Aquarium days if we can (we are already members), and hopefully the Stone Mountain day as well.

I'm also looking into Friday enrichment classes at a local church. I hope that this works out!

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