Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Fernbank Natural History Museum

Sunday afternoon we took our family to Fernbank. We are members there (our 4 year old LOVES dinosaurs) and we wanted to check out the new Gecko exhibit. We headed upstairs to the Naturalist Center first, and heard a great lecture on reptiles. At the end of the lecture the kiddos were able to touch a snake.

I love hands-on type activities! Granted this was a small snake, but the kids enjoyed it all the same. We then took our time looking at the Gecko exhibit. We learned some interesting facts, such as:
-Geckos can break their tails off in order to run faster to escape predators.
-Geckos can slither right out of their skin to escape a predator's grasp.
-Some geckos have no limbs and resemble snakes.
-All of our family favorites originate from Madagascar!
We then looked at the dinosaur skeletons briefly before eating some MONSTER sized brownies at the Museum's cafe. The kids were a bit hyped after this snack!

After this we decided to head on home. It was a relatively short visit and we didn't see everything that the museum had to offer but I had tons to finish at home. We also ate at Buffalo's Cafe for dinner (kids eat free on Sundays and Tuesdays!) and looked through Kid 2 Kid. I got 3 pairs of really nice jeans for my 2 older girls for $10. : ) The rest of the week so far I have been working and have actually sent out 10 orders in a little over a day. Today I am working on matching tutus for an adoption reunion, and am really excited about it!

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